“Never in my life had I been arrested or had any trouble with the law, so when I was arrested for a DUI, I was at a loss for what to do. After interviewing several attorneys I decided to hire Kevin, and it was the best choice I could have made! He clearly understood the complex law in Minnesota, but even more importantly, he listened to me and my situation. He guided me through the confusing, lengthy, and embarrassing legal process and advised me on what my options were. I always knew where I stood and felt confident that Kevin had my best interests at heart. He was always prompt in responding to my calls and emails, and took time to answer all my questions thoroughly. I was especially impressed with him as he defended me and presented my case before a judge, and cannot even put into words the relief I felt when the judge ruled in our favor – case dismissed. Even if the outcome had been different, I don’t think I could have had better legal representation. Kevin DeVore is top notch and highly recommended!”


“Phenomenal Attorney! Kevin is highly professional and knowledgeable. He helped to make a very difficult time in my life less stressful. I was clueless when it comes to the court system. He explained everything thoroughly and worked hard to examine and pursue only the best options for me. Kevin is not only a phenomenal attorney, but he is also a good guy. As his client I highly recommend him!”

Tim C

“The Best Dang Lawyer Out There! Our company has been working with Kevin DeVore since he graduated law school. Kevin has been our corporate attorney for approximately 16 years. Kevin has been our legal counsel on a large variety of business events. Such as; corporate lawsuits defending and prosecuting, buying and selling businesses, employee human resource issues, numerous contract law issues and creation of corporate contracts, FDA, Federal and State legal issues, and constant business issues. Kevin also has helped numerous company employees with personal legal issues. Finally, Kevin is always reachable. He even communicates with us when he is on vacation. We consider Kevin, not only our corporate attorney, but also a true, honest, dependable friend. We would not consider going to any other attorney available, because we believe Kevin DeVore is the best out there..”


“Expert and Meticulous Criminal Defense Attorney! I hired Kevin after seeking recommendations from knowledgable credible sources. He represented me in two criminal defense allegations and I’m fully satisfied with the outcomes in both cases. He researched all the legal angles involved in my cases, explained my options to me fully, and then personally negotiated my cases with the court personnel to achieve what I considered fair and reasonable settlements in both cases. He was fully knowledgable in not only the legal angles and viable settlements to pursue, but also the individuals involved in the Hennepin court system. I would recommend Kevin to anyone seeking criminal defense representation.”


“Best representation someone could ask for in a difficult time. I would like to start by thanking Kevin for all the hard work he had done with my case. I would like to just say that Kevin always had MY best interest in mind regarding any aspect of my case. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for a lawyer who is honest and makes sure you get the best representation in a difficult situation. He was very informative and was truly a pleasure to work with. Thanks again Kevin W Devore.”

Former Client

“I highly recommend Kevin Devore! Kevin took most of the unpleasantness out of my situation. I got a far better outcome than I expected. Kevin not only took care of what you would expect a layer to handle, but also helped with some special requests. He really listened to my situation and objectives, and enabled them to be accomplished. I would highly recommend him. I can’t think of anything he could have handled better. He did an outstanding job for me.”


“Exceptional Service! Mr. Devore treated me with the utmost respect. He went above and beyond the call of duty to assist me in a troubling time. Having been charged with a DUI Mr. Devore explained the legal process at every step of the way. Not only is Mr. Devore an exceptional attorney. But he was very genuine!”


Kevin DeVore is a Great Attorney! We won our case!
I became in need of attorney due to some accusations that were alleged against me. My wife and I spoke to an expert and an attorney about our situation, and we were able to compile a list of attorneys they were recommending. My wife and I interviewed each attorney, and what we found is that all of the attorneys agreed with our position regarding the case, but none of them seemed to be able to give us a strategy of how they would handle the case, except for Kevin. When we interviewed Kevin he was able to explain to us in-depth the process for our specific case and the holes in the State’s case and what the burdens that we would need to overcome were. He was very patient with us, and made us feel important. Kevin is easy to talk to. Throughout the whole case Kevin kept us updated on any changes in the case, and always made himself available to answer any questions we had. He never tried to persuade me into making any decision, although he explained to me what my options may be and how they would or could affect my life. Kevin also asked me what options I was interested in, if any.
The case did end up going to a trial by jury. During the trial Kevin did an amazing job showing our position and cross examining all witnesses. Kevin was able to ask pertinent question opening doors to discover valuable details about the case, by understanding the unique circumstances. Kevin was able to leverage the prosecutor’s holes in the case to tip the scale to a more balanced position, while never underestimating the opponents. My wife and I really feel that Kevin was the attorney that God had chosen for us. In the end, we were the victors in the jury trial.”

K.V., Corporate Counsel

“Experienced guide through federal criminal process! We hired Kevin to lead the Minnesota effort to deal with a dicey federal prosecution of our corporate client and its officers. His depth of knowledge and experience were invaluable and led to a successful business and legal resolution of a potentially dangerous situation. His calm and poise were of particular value, as was his knowledge of local federal practices. The client was very pleased.”

Former Client

“1 in a million! I found Mr. DeVore to be the type of lawyer we all WISHED we had known about. He is a very down to earth, understanding and easy individual to talk to. I was facing some very potentially damaging charges. He handled my case quickly and with results i did not think were possible. I am very lucky to have found him. I have had to hire several attorneys over the years, I only wish I’d known of him sooner.”