Beyond White-Collar Crime: Bribery in Sports and Sex Scandals

Bribery is typically considered a white-collar crime in which professionals and politicians clawing their way to the top occasionally pay for favors to get ahead. But some high-profile bribery cases include FBI sting operations related to college athletic programs. Also, some defendants entangled with other charges such as sexual assault face bribery charges for trying… Read more »

How to Defend Yourself Against a Criminal Charge of Kidnapping a Minor

In Minnesota, there are two very distinct forms of kidnapping. One involves holding an adult against their will, often as part of a larger crime. However, kidnapping cases involving children are far less commonly violent or even thought of as criminal at the time because the defendants are most often divorced parents or relatives who… Read more »

The Connection Between Bitcoins and Crime

The premise of Bitcoins is confusing to many people, but it is a virtual currency that can be spent anonymously by online users. It is bought and sold with real money in person and on exchanges and is accepted by several establishments throughout the U.S. and the world. Just like real money, Bitcoin has been… Read more »

DUI Forfeiture Law Unconstitutional

Earlier this month the Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled that the Minnesota DUI forfeiture law was unconstitutional. A Minnesota driver was arrested and charged with a felony DUI. This resulted in the standard procedure of the police forfeiting the driver’s car. The standard forfeiture notice was issued to the driver informing her that she had… Read more »

Common Elder Fraud Scams

Older Americans are often a target for financial scams. They are usually seen as easy targets and many people believe that they have plenty of money in their bank accounts. Unfortunately, these criminals are not selective. They go after wealthy seniors, as well as those that can barely get by. There are ways to protect… Read more »

What Is the Dark Web and Why Is It Dangerous?

Around the world, people use search engines to search the internet, but these search engines don’t dig very deep. There is a much darker “underground” on the internet that Google, Bing, Yahoo, or other search engines don’t even touch. When a person has the knowledge, they can dig deep into the internet to find things… Read more »

Murder in the Third-Degree Charges

In Minnesota, Murder in the Third Degree is briefly defined as “reckless homicide.” It’s an act that endangers human life. However, Minn. Stat 609.195 goes more in-depth when defining the act. It essentially states that a person who, without intent causes the death of any person by perpetrating an act out of a depraved mind… Read more »

The Opioid Epidemic in the USA

The abuse of opioid prescription pain medication, opium derivatives, and illicit drugs such as heroin is a problem the United States has struggled with since the late 1800’s. Recently the issue has gained the attention of public officials and the media due to the devastating effect that opioid abuse is having on society. The balance… Read more »

Capital Punishment for Drug Dealers?

Many people have been advocating for a long time for stricter drug laws, while others have advocated for rehabilitation in exchange for more lenient or non-existent sentence. However, the Trump administration is now suggesting that the best way to win the war against drugs, particularly the opioid epidemic, is to give drug dealers the death… Read more »

Seven Larson King attorneys included in The Best Lawyers in America© 2018

Congratulations to Dan Adams, John Bjorkman, Kevin DeVore, Shawn Raiter, Doug Skor, Mark Solheim, and Bill Tipping on their inclusion in the 24th Edition of The Best Lawyers in America©! Special congratulations are in order this year for Mark Solheim, who has now been named a Best Lawyer for ten years running.Our outstanding attorneys are… Read more »