Certified Criminal Law Specialist

For more than 20 years, I have dedicated my entire career as a lawyer to protecting the rights of people facing criminal charges. Come see me at my firm, DeVore Law Offices, to learn more about how I can help you during this difficult time. Give me a call at 651-435-6500 to schedule a consultation.

Over 20 Years Experience In State & Federal Court

Kevin is an experienced trial attorney in both State & Federal Courts. Kevin is a Minnesota State Bar Association Certified Criminal Law Specialist and Nationally Ranked Criminal Defense Trial Attorney. Kevin will be your best line of defense from start to finish.

From the initial phone call to working behind the scenes, Kevin has built strong relationships with the prosecutors and judges that he uses to help get the results his clients need even before they go to court. Because of his extensive trial experience and all of the tough cases he has tried across Minnesota, Kevin is able to get many cases settled favorably for his clients before trial so that his clients can avoid the stress and risk of putting their case in the hands of a jury.

Capitol building, Minnesota.