Investigation Stage Representation

Protecting Your Rights Right Now

You do not have to wait until you are arrested or until after an investigation is concluded to begin protecting your rights. Instead, turn to me, criminal defense attorney Kevin DeVore. My firm serves clients throughout the Twin Cities and surrounding counties in Minnesota.

I make investigation stage representation one of the focal points of my practice, including student athlete defense. I know that the earlier I can begin advising you as your lawyer, the more likely it is that I can maximize the protections afforded to you under the law.

How I Can Help You Now

During the investigation stage, law enforcement makes a number of decisions about how to handle your case. With me at your side, you will understand what those decisions are and where you can act to protect your rights.

You do not have to wait until later to hire me only to learn that I could have protected you if only you had retained me earlier. Instead, I will let you know how we can proceed now in order to protect your rights today or to better position your case for success in the future.

My services lend themselves particularly well to those cases involving the gathering of evidence and fielding questions from law enforcement personnel. In many cases, simply “telling it like it is” is not as easy or as effective as it sounds.

For that reason, I will act as your shield during the investigative stages. I will help you understand when, if and how to best respond to inquiries and questions.

Start Protecting Your Rights Today

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