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A murder charge can be the most serious charge you face for a variety of reasons. Not only is it possibly the most serious criminal charge you can face, it can also easily invite public curiosity and, unfortunately, unfair treatment as early as the investigative stages of your case.

For those reasons, at my Saint Paul firm, DeVore Law Office, I make a point of delivering comprehensive legal representation in all my criminal defense cases. My comprehensive approach lends itself particularly well to providing you with a defense to murder charges.

One-On-One Legal Representation In Difficult Matters

You can turn to me as your lawyer for legal representation that takes into account the law, as well as nonlegal factors in a murder case such as messaging for public opinion in high-profile cases. To provide you with that level of representation in a homicide case, I do not wait until you face charges. I can start advising you now.

During the investigative stage, you want someone watching over you. Particularly when it comes to gathering evidence and speaking with law enforcement, you will want to rely on my experienced legal judgment when you decide how to behave.

I bring more than two decades of experience as an attorney to every criminal defense matter I handle. During that time, I have protected the rights of clients in the Twin Cities and through the surrounding counties.

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