Protecting Your Rights In Complex Situations

The penalties associated with drug distribution can often be severe, particularly here in Minnesota. For that reason, if you are facing criminal charges for drug distribution in the Twin Cities and surrounding counties, you want a lawyer in your corner who has been down those roads before.

My name is Kevin DeVore. As a Saint Paul attorney with more than 20 years of experience protecting clients' rights against criminal charges, I can help you understand how the law applies to your case. I will also help you see the options you do have so you do not have to guess at what actions to take next.

Candid Guidance In Drug Distribution Cases

To help you best, I work with you personally. You will not be working with an attorney-in-training.

By taking the time to work with you, I can provide you with an honest and candid assessment of your case with respect to charges for distribution and intent to distribute. You will know exactly where your case stands so you can make intelligent legal decisions.

You will also rest easier working with me, knowing I have experience in handling both high-profile cases as well as cases still at the investigative stage. In other words, I encourage you not to wait until you face formal charges to contact me. Instead, contact me now so I can begin protecting your rights immediately, particularly with respect to any interviews with law enforcement or the gathering of evidence.

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