If you are under investigation for a white collar crime, are soon to be charged with such a crime, or have been charged or indicted, it is time to seek counsel. I frequently work side-by-side with accounting and tax experts who help my clients with loss calculations and mens rea evidence analysis. Your rights and your interests are at stake. You need to hire the best.  

  • Money laundering
  • Medicare/Medicaid fraud
  • Healthcare fraud
  • Export control law violations
  • Antitrust crimes and price-fixing
  • Forgery
  • Environmental violations
  • Mail fraud
  • Wire fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Tax fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Conspiracy
  • Business crimes


Experienced guide through federal criminal process
We hired Kevin to lead the Minnesota effort to deal with a dicey federal prosecution of our corporate client and its officers. His depth of knowledge and experience were invaluable and led to a successful business and legal resolution of a potentially dangerous situation. His calm and poise were of particular value, as was his knowledge of local federal practices. The client was very pleased.
— K.V., Corporate Counsel
Expert and Meticulous Criminal Defense Attorney
I hired Kevin after seeking recommendations from knowledgable credible sources. He represented me in two criminal defense allegations and I’m fully satisfied with the outcomes in both cases. He researched all the legal angles involved in my cases, explained my options to me fully, and then personally negotiated my cases with the court personnel to achieve what I considered fair and reasonable settlements in both cases. He was fully knowledgable in not only the legal angles and viable settlements to pursue, but also the individuals involved in the Hennepin court system. I would recommend Kevin to anyone seeking criminal defense representation.
— M.A.
The Best Dang Lawyer Out There!!
Our company has been working with Kevin DeVore since he graduated law school. Kevin has been our corporate attorney for approximately 16 years. Kevin has been our legal counsel on a large variety of business events. Such as; corporate lawsuits defending and prosecuting, buying and selling businesses, employee human resource issues, numerous contract law issues and creation of corporate contracts, FDA, Federal and State legal issues, and constant business issues. Kevin also has helped numerous company employees with personal legal issues. Finally, Kevin is always reachable. He even communicates with us when he is on vacation. We consider Kevin, not only our corporate attorney, but also a true, honest, dependable friend. We would not consider going to any other attorney available, because we believe Kevin DeVore is the best out there..
— Tim C.