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What Should I Do If Pulled Over For DWI?

  • First and most importantly , always stay calm. A nervous person will always look guilty to an officer of the law. What you do over the next 30 minutes can be life changing. If you are ever pulled over for a DWI consider the following:
  • Use your turn signal when pulling to the side of the road. It is a common mistake , and shows a lack of impairment.
  • Check your appearance. Officers are professionally trained to examine your appearance including whether your shirt is tucked in, buttoned up, your shoes are tied and your zipper is zipped.
  • Always treat the officer with respect. Act politely , or more importantly be polite to the officer’s questions. The side of the road is not a good place to get defensive. You’re more likely to give the officer evidence against you instead of in your favor. Always talk to an attorney first.
  • Always have your information handy , that includes your driver’s license, registration and insurance. Fumbling around your car to find these items might not only make the officer think you are impaired , but they might also think you are looking for a weapon.
  • Do not undo your seatbelt before making sure the officer knows you have it on before reaching for these documents or getting out of the vehicle at the officer’s request.
  • Consent to a chemical test (blood or breath) if requested. Test refusal can result in serious consequences.
  • Invoke your Miranda rights. Talk to an attorney before speaking to an officer during questioning or interrogation.
  • Document and write down details of your arrest. This provides our Minnesota DWI Lawyer the information they need to have your case defended.
  • Immediately hire an attorney so they can schedule a hearing.
  • Consult with a Minnesota DWI lawyer to evaluate whether the officer’s action at the time of the arrest and administration of tests were valid and legal.

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