Minnesota License Revocation & Suspension Lawyers

There are various penalties that you can face when you are charged with a DWI, not least of which is the suspension of your driving privileges. If you have been arrested and charged for drinking and driving it is important to contact Minnesota DWI lawyer Kevin DeVore immediately.

Like most people, you depend on your driver’s license to get to work, take care of family related issues , for everything. Therefore, it is crucial that you engage the services of an experienced, capable and committed Minnesota DWI lawyer to provide you the legal assistance that you must have in order to obtain the best possible resolution when it comes to the matter of your driving privileges in the aftermath of being charged with driving while intoxicated.

Driver’s License Suspensions for DWI: What You Need to Know

Minnesota law includes a provision that is known as ‘implied consent.’ The law pertaining to implied consent goes along with the issuance of a driver’s license. What this means is that if you do have a drivers license in Minnesota, you have given your implied consent to submit to certain types of testing if there is what is known as probable cause to believe that you are driving while intoxicated. In other words, if you fail the initial field sobriety tests that you will be asked to take when pulled over by the police, you have given your implied consent to take an Intoxilyzer, blood or urine test.

A license suspension can begin immediately following a test failure or test refusal with one exception. A driver will be able to drive for a period of seven days following a test failure or test refusal before the suspension will take full effect.

The different types of license suspension that you can end up facing following a DWI stop include:

  • 90 days suspension provided the driver does not have a prior impaired driving incident in the previous ten years and provided that there was not an aggravating factor associated with the current incident.
  • The 90 days suspension can be reduced to 30 days upon a DWI conviction for a first time conviction.
  • Six months suspension if the driver is under the age of 21.
  • 180 days if the driver has a prior impaired driving incident in the previous ten years.
  • The period of suspension will be doubled if the driver tested at a blood alcohol level of .20 or higher or if the driver had a passenger under the age of 16 at the time of the DWI stop.
  • One year if the driver refused to take a test of breath, blood or urine. This suspension can be reduced to 30 days if the driver end up convicted for a DWI for the first time. A drivers license suspension is effective almost immediately will be schedule directly after an arrest for DWI. You literally have no time to spare.

DWI Specialists That You Can Count On

Kevin DeVore focuses on providing powerful, appropriately aggressive and effective legal assistance to people just like you, individuals charged with a DWI. We understand what needs to be done in order to ensure that you have the best chance of being able to drive as necessary even after you have been charged with driving under the influence.

Kevin DeVore has been designated as a ‘Super Lawyer,’ for the past 6 years in a row, a recognition that is given to only 5% of the attorneys in the State of Minnesota. Kevin DeVore is a member of such prestigious organizations as the Minnesota Society of Criminal Justice (which has a membership limited to only 50 Minnesota criminal defense attorneys). Other affiliations include National College for DUI Defense, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Kevin is frequently are asked to consult with other attorneys to assist them in preparing their own cases.

If you are facing a DWI charge and suspension of your driver’s license, you can speak immediately to attorney Kevin DeVore at (612) 836-9501. We will schedule a no-charge initial consultation for you. Remember: Time is of the essence. There is only a short period of time in which you can take action to protect your all-important driver’s license.