Criminal Defense Attorney

Lifting the Weight,
Getting Results


No Judgment

Nearly everyone who I have had the honor of representing, has one thing in common--fear. They know that their situation impacts their future, and others too--including their family. My goal is to help my clients, and help their family, navigate the crisis. Providing strength in words and in presence. 


Client Testimonial 

Former Client

"I found Mr. DeVore to be the type of lawyer we all WISHED we had known about. He is a very down to earth, understanding and easy individual to talk to. I was facing some very potentially damaging charges. He handled my case quickly and with results I did not think were possible. I am very lucky to have found him. I have had to hire several attorneys over the years, I only wish I’d known of him sooner."


Areas served

I represent clients in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Call me for a free consultation regarding your criminal defense matter.