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Police officers are required to conduct Field Sobriety Tests before issuing a summons for DWI or DUI. A field sobriety test is used to determine the physical and psychological state of the driver to determine if the driver is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These tests are designed to provide the officer reason to arrest an individual for driving under the influence. These tests provide evidence which the police can use to prove a DWI, DUI or Test Refusal case where the blood alcohol concentration is above .08.

There are many possible defenses when Field Sobriety Tests are used in a stop and arrest case. Minnesota criminal defense attorney Kevin DeVore has extensive experience in handling and interpreting field sobriety tests to best defend your case. Many police officers fail to properly administer tests and the test machines’ source code may also come into question (the validity of the breath test machine). Many times, test results may be misinterpreted or exaggerated by the arresting officer. If the State prosecutor cannot fully prove the validity of a field sobriety test, a DWI, DUI or Test Refusal charge can be dropped.

Common Field Sobriety Tests

  1. Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) Test: Where the police officer determines probable cause to make an arrest based on how the driver’s eyes track a moving object (i.e. pen light).
  2. Finger to Nose Test
  3. Head Tilt Test
  4. One Leg Balance Test
  5. Heel To Toe Test
  6. Counting / Reciting The ABCs Forward or Backward

It is important to remember these test have fatal flaws. Many completely sober people often fail these tests for reasons unrelated to alcohol or drug consumption. Arthritis, anxiety, or nervousness are common reasons someone fails to pass a field sobriety test.

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