Family Member Arrested in Connection with Child’s Death

The accidental or neglectful death of a child is unimaginably difficult for a family. The struggles are compounded when other family members are accused of causing the death. Any time that children are involved in legal cases, emotions run high on all sides, and there are no winners.

The family of a 6-year-old girl in Bemidji, Minnesota, about 200 miles north of Minneapolis, are dealing with this situation now. The child died from exposure to subzero temperatures, and police have arrested her 22-year-old cousin in conjunction with the death.  The cousin, Rachel Downer, was arrested on charges of manslaughter and felony child neglect after the child’s mother found the girl dead inside an apartment entrance. Although she was fully clothed – wearing gloves, a coat, and a hat – the temperatures that night were reportedly down to 20 below zero with a windchill of 40 below. Even winter clothes were inadequate without appropriate shelter.

The girl showed signs of being exposed to the elements, and doors to the apartments in the building lock automatically. At time of writing, police had not released any details regarding why the girl was outside or why the mother had not been at home overnight.

Cases like this one are very difficult for everybody involved, and they are difficult to prosecute and defend.  The personal circumstances are individual to each family, and the legal circumstances unique.  A good attorney can make the difference in an already tragic situation turning even worse, and ensure that heightened emotions don’t interfere with true justice.

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Luke Frederick