Police Chief Resigns after Prostitution Scandal

People who face criminal charges endure a great deal of anxiety over their pending legal battle and often feel regret over their actions. They may lose their jobs and suffer damage to their families. But in high-profile cases, criminal suspects also face very public humiliation and ridicule. Former Robbinsdale, Minnesota police Chief Steven Smith is experiencing much of this after being arrested in a nearby town for soliciting a prostitute.

Smith and 10 other people were arrested in Coon Rapids, a town about 20 miles from Robbinsdale, in a sting operation to shut down a local prostitution ring. He used an alias to solicit sex at a private residence, and did not have his police identification on him at the time. He was booked with misdemeanor prostitution charges, then released.

Although Smith was arrested in February, he did not resign his position in Robbinsdale because the Coon Rapids police did not immediately identify him as the Robbinsdale Chief of Police. A Coon Rapids police officer eventually put the pieces together, and Smith resigned his position.  In addition to the prostitution charge, he had failed to comply with state policy requiring any police officer who is arrested to notify his or her department within a week or so of the arrest.

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Luke Frederick