Train Accident Leads to a Charge of DUI

It’s a rare happenstance, but it’s something every driver fears. Getting stuck on the railroad tracks and having a train coming toward you. It can cause quite a bit of panic. The normal advice for getting stuck on the tracks is to leave the car and get away from the tracks before calling emergency services. Not everyone follows this advice and the results can be tragic.

One woman is very lucky to be alive after her car got stuck in Northern Minnesota. The crash between train and car happened around 1:30 in the morning. The vehicle slipped off of the road and got stuck in snow on the tracks. The train was able to see the vehicle in advance and tried stopping, but couldn’t slow enough before making contact with the vehicle. Luckily, it had slowed down enough that the driver was uninjured.

However, what happened next was strange. The police suspected alcohol was involved and arrested her for DUI. The article doesn’t go into any details about how the police came to that determination. There were plenty of other factors that could have caused the driver to slip off the road other than alcohol, such as ice on the road or the late hour.

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Luke Frederick