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B-Cards and What They Mean in Your DWI Case

You depend on your car. You need your car to get to and from work, to deal with family matters … to satisfy nearly all of your obligations and commitments. Unfortunately, if you have had more than one driving while intoxicated charge (and many people have, you are not alone) you may have found yourself unable to drive.

We understand how important it is for you to have driving privileges. We have a great deal of experiencing in representing people just like you who have had multiple DWI cases and find themselves struggling to get to work, to pick their children up at school and so forth.

A Look at the Minnesota B-Card

One option that might be appropriate to your situation is what is known as a B-Card. Under the law in our state, a person who has had his or her driver’s license canceled for a third or subsequent impaired driving violation may be considered for a B-Card. The B-Card allows a person in such a situation the ability to regain his or her driving privileges.

As part of our representation of people dealing with driving while impaired cases, our Minnesota DWI lawyers have assisted in the process of obtaining B-Cards for these men and women. We would be happy to do the same for you as part of our overall efforts of providing you with the legal representation that you must have in your case.

Requirements for a B-Card

The first step in obtaining a B-Card is successfully completing an approved treatment and rehabilitation program. Our firm can assist you in locating a treatment and rehabilitation program that not only meets the requirements of the State of Minnesota when it comes to the B-Card but that will be best suited to your needs. For example, we understand that you have other obligations , work, family and so forth. Therefore, we will assist you in finding a suitable program that will disrupt your life in the least.

The following periods of rehabilitation apply when it comes to a B-Card:

  • one year for the first rehabilitation,
  • three years for the second rehabilitation
  • six years for the third rehabilitation
  • life cancellation for any subsequent offense

When applying for a B-Card you must sign a sworn statement in which you promise never to consume alcohol again. You need to understand that this is a very broad promise. Not only can you never drink alcohol for pleasure or social reasons, you can never drink alcohol at a religious service, you cannot use medications that contain alcohol, and so forth. No alcohol, ever again.

If you ever do violate this no alcohol promise , even if you are not anywhere near a car , you will have violated the terms of the B-Card and your driving privileges immediately will be canceled. If you drink and drive while using a B-Card, even if you are not above the limit for driving while intoxicated, you will be charged with a gross misdemeanor.

Represent Yourself With A Qualified Attorney

Our law firm believes in a small firm commitment with a big firm expertise. Our ability to provide such personal one on one representation trumps most criminal attorneys. Our law office will be by your side from beginning to the end and you will always be well aware of the status of your case.

B-Card Lawyer Kevin DeVore has been designated as a ‘Super Lawyer’ for the past 6 years in a row. This recognition is given to only 5% of the lawyers in the State of Minnesota. Kevin DeVore has been featured for his victories in the Star Tribune, Pioneer Press, and Law & Politics Magazine.

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